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If you are a fan of water sports, you must take advantage of the highly popular whitewater rafting industry on the Pigeon River. . Come to the Pigeon River and ride five miles of white water containing eighteen class two, three, and four rapids on the Upper Pigeon River in professionally guided, six-person rafts. Each reputable company employs only certified guides and maintains the highest standards of operation. The Big Pigeon River is also the site of the annual Champion International Whitewater Shoot-out, featuring America's best boaters. 

For people not wanting to experience the rough and tumble ride

of the Upper Pigeon River, or for those people who have never

been whitewater rafting before, a calmer, more serene route

is available through all rafting companies utilizing the Lower

Pigeon River. This more laid-back and scenic section of the

river is perfect for a family float. Why go to an amusement

park just to stand in line for a man-made water ride when

the Pigeon River has the natural alternative coursing

through the Cherokee National Forest and engulfed in the

shadows of the wonderfully majestic Great Smoky Mountains. 

Always Bring 
Swimsuit, Shorts, Wool, Sweaters, or Synthetic fleece, Wool socks, Windbreaker, Jacket, and Pants (jacket rentals at

most locations) Footwear that can get wet (plus a dry pair forafter your trip), Dry clothes, and a Towel. 

Sunny Days 
Sun screen, Sun glasses, Baseball cap, or Visor (can be worn under helmet). 

Cool Weather 
Synthetic long johns, Wool hat and gloves, Wet suit. 

Cotton is not recommended (This includes jeans and sweatshirts) 
When it is wet, it robs your body of heat and is unsuitable for physical activity. Synthetic clothing is best

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