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Just Minutes Away From Our Gatlinburg Rental

The Hidden Gem Of The Smokies - Cades Cove -  This is also very near to our Tennessee cabin rentals
  • Embark upon an enchanting odyssey through the ethereal wonders of Cades Cove, a Tennessee gem that harmoniously weaves together the tapestry of cultural heritage and breathtaking natural grandeur. Allow yourself to be captivated by this open-air sanctuary, spanning over a sprawling 4,000-acre valley, and let the Tennessee cabin rentals, including pet-friendly cabins near Pigeon Forge and mountain cabin rentals, serve as your gateway to an indelible expedition into this historical jewel.

  • Preserving the Legacy of Ages: At the heart of this valley, once inhabited by Cherokee Chief Abrams' beloved wife, Kate, lies a legacy that transcends time. Delve into the annals of Cades Cove's history and unearth a vibrant community that thrived for well over a century. In its golden age, the valley boasted the presence of 685 intrepid souls. However, as the call of the western frontier grew louder, countless families departed, leaving behind a mere 269 inhabitants by the year 1860.

  • A Glimpse into Yesteryears: Traces of the past dot the valley floor, testaments to the diverse architectural marvels of eras gone by. Marvel at the homes that once sheltered John Oliver, Carter Shields, Henry Whitehead, and Dan Lawson, each structure weaving its own unique tale. Behold the awe-inspiring Whitehead residence, crafted from logs meticulously sawed square at a neighboring mill, or cast your gaze upon the extraordinary chimney, comprised of bricks forged on-site at Dan Lawson's abode. Traverse the landscape and discover the blacksmith's forge, the smokehouses, corn cribs, and the enigmatic cantilevered barn, all whispering secrets of bygone days.

  • Sanctuaries of Faith and Time: Cades Cove boasts with pride three venerable churches, stalwart witnesses to the ebb and flow of 19th-century life. Immerse yourself in the vibrant narratives of yore as you enter the hallowed grounds of these sacred structures. The eldest among them, the Primitive Baptist Church, stands since 1827, silently bearing witness to the tumultuous impact of the Civil War, which forced its closure due to its steadfast Union sympathies. A somber headstone nearby bears the poignant inscription, "Bas Shaw - Killed by Rebels," offering a tender glimpse into the heart-wrenching realities of that era.

  • A Living Tapestry of Time: As you meander along the winding loop road, the illustrious John P. Cable's 19th-century farm beckons, an evocative testament to the daily lives of early settlers. Step foot into a self-contained world, suspended in an eternal moment, where the centerpiece of this tableau is the venerable 1868 mill. Stand witness to the mesmerizing spectacle as the mill's grindstones tirelessly pulverize corn, still sourced from the Cove, forging a tangible connection to days long past. Do not overlook the opportunity to visit this farmstead, its doors open daily from mid-April to October, and fully immerse yourself in the authentic spirit of those intrepid pioneers.

  • Unearth the captivating tales and natural splendors of Cades Cove, nestled close to the idyllic Tennessee cabin rentals, including pet-friendly cabins near Pigeon Forge, pet-friendly cabins in Gatlinburg, and cabins in the Tennessee mountains. Chart your escape to this cherished destination, where the timeless allure of nature intertwines seamlessly with the resplendent tapestry of historical heritage in the Great Smoky Mountains, offering an experience that will be forever etched upon the canvas of your cherished memories.

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